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Reversable Cardigan

The reversible jersey cardigan is designed to be worn inside or out for the user's choice.

Cardigan CloseUp2.jpg
Jersey Cardigan.jpg
Jersey Cardigan Reversed.jpg
Cardigan CloseUp.jpg

Streaks of Gold Shirt

This tailored button-down shirt is a one of a kind custom hand-painted acrylic gold brush-stroked shirt.

LongShirt CloseUp.jpg
Gold Brush Shirt 3.jpg
Gold Brush Shirt 2.jpg
LongShirt CloseUp3.jpg

Asymmetric Shirt

The Asymmetric Shirt is designed and sown from scrap fabric fused together from previous shirts. The asymmetry of the shirt is purposeful to challenge the traditional tailored shirts existing button-down shirts in the fashion industry.

Asymmetric Shirt.jpg
Shirt CloseUp.jpg
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